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by Brandon Jarvis

Del. Marie March (R) spoke at the Montgomery County GOP meeting Monday night and was asked if she is ever pressured with a bribe while working as a legislator. March denied any bribes taking place, but instead pointed to an instance where individuals pressured the leadership of her own caucus to help advance her bill.

“We did some of that to leadership,” March said. “For my red flag bill I’m going to be very honest, Chris Anders, who runs Virginia Constitutional Conservatives — he robocalled the Speaker of the House’s district to get my red flag bill out of the Rules Committee.”

The bill that March is referring to would have repealed the red-flag gun laws that were passed under Democratic control in 2020. The repeal passed in the House this year but Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee killed it.

Anders is the Executive Director for the Virginia Constitutional Conservaties. The group describes themselves as “dedicated to defending the principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, free markets, and sound currency.

At the meeting in Montgomery Monday night, March discussed avoiding Speaker Todd Gilbert because of the robocalls until he spotted her and discussed it with her.

“I knew his district was getting robocalled and it was because of me and I was trying to hide from him,” March said. “So he spotted me and he was staring at me and I’m like ‘crap.’ And so he points at me and I run into the elevator and he follows me into the elevator and he says ‘Marie, can you please get Chris Anders off my ass?’ And I’m like ‘sure if my bill will come out of Rules.’ And he said ‘It’s coming out, we have already whipped the votes, you are getting your bill to the floor.'”

Speaker of the House Todd Gilbert responded to the video with a statement Tuesday. “I don’t comment about private conversations with colleagues,” he said. “This is a courtesy I learned when I became a grown-up.”

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