by Brandon Jarvis

In an interview with Virginia Scope Thursday, state Senator and GOP gubernatorial candidate Amanda Chase said her Facebook page that has over 144,000 followers will not be reinstated. The page was removed by Facebook following the Jan. 6 insurrection that took place in Washington D.C.

Chase posted several Pro-Trump statements and election conspiracy theories before and after Jan 6. In a wave of account restrictions from social media companies following the insurrection, Chase said her page was shut down for 60 days for violating the rules.

After that 60-day period passed, the page was still not available for access. In an interview, Chase said that she was just notified that the page has been permanently removed from Facebook. “Facebook has officially denied my request to reinstate my ‘Senator Amanda Chase’ Facebook page, disenfranchising 144k of my supporters and all of my constituents,” Chase said in a statement.

The senator said that her supporters have been moving to other platforms. Chase herself has taken to other Twitter as a means to reach her supporters. Prior to her page being deleted in January, she barely used Twitter, but since that day she has been tweeting several times a week.

“Big Tech will be held accountable when I’m Governor. I’m sick and tired of them violating free speech rights of any conservative who doesn’t agree with them,” Chase said in an interview. “This is America. They seemed to have forgotten that.”

Chase is vying for the Republican nomination to run for governor this year. She is competing with former House Speaker Kirk Cox, media executive Pete Snyder, and former Carlyle Group executive Glenn Youngkin. Chase was the statistical frontrunner in the first public polls, but the state party chose to use a convention with ranked-choice voting as a nomination method making it difficult to predict the outcome.

Listen to Virginia Scope’s entire interview with Senator Chase below.

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