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by Brandon Jarvis

Nadarius Clark defeated a three-term incumbent in a Democratic primary earlier this year to set himself up to likely become the youngest member of the General Assembly next year. 

Clark upset the current representative for district 79, Del. Steve Heretick, earlier this year. Heretick was supported heavily by Dominion Energy, while Clark was supported nearly entirely by Michael Bills and Sonjia Smith, mega-donors from Charlottesville.  

While he has a Republican opponent this year, Clark is the clear favorite as this is the first time the Democrats have faced any challenge for this seat since 2001

Clark, only 26-years-old, said Sunday that he will be the youngest Democrat elected to the General Assembly in the last 200 years. 

“He makes me feel really old I’ll tell you guys that,” said Jay Jones, a 32-year-old, two-term member of the House of Delegates representing Norfolk. “I feel like the old man coming in, but I can’t wait to see the wonderful things that he does.”

Listen to speeches from former delegate and gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Carroll Foy, Del. Jay Jones, and Nadarius Clark on Sunday below.

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