In case you missed it, Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) recently called for President Trump to initiate martial law in the United States. “Not my President and never will be. The American people aren’t fools,” she wrote in a Facebook post earlier this week. “We know you cheated to win and we’ll never accept these results. Fair elections we can accept but cheating to win; never. It’s not over yet. So thankful President Trump has a backbone and refuses to concede. President Trump should declare martial law as recommended by General Flynn.“

Republicans across Virginia pushed back against Chase’s comments. The only other declared Republican candidate in the race for Governor, Del. Kirk Cox of Colonial Heights, pushed back against the comments from Chase the following day. “Senator Chase’s suggestion that martial law be imposed is absurd and dangerous,” wrote Cox in a brief statement Wednesday. “I taught government for 30 years and have great respect for our constitutional republic. Per that system and the electoral college vote yesterday, Joe Biden will be the next President.” This was also the first time that Cox openly accepted a Biden win.

The pushback continued.

“Do you support facts and liberty?” asked Congressman Denver Riggleman. (R-VA-05) “Or supporting martial law based on unhinged conspiracy ramblings—from Sydney Powell and Mike Flynn?”

Tina Freitas, a former state Senate candidate that failed to win in a primary attempt from the right against Senator Emmett Hanger (R-Augusta) also pushed back against the calls for martial law. “Having read hundreds of comments across the various post threads from folks clamoring for Martial Law, I’ve realized something,” wrote Freitas on Facebook. “Many people justifiably see the need for drastic measures but don’t realize the full scope of Martial law, what it would entail, and how the government would inevitably use it against us. At the base level, most of the folks calling for Martial Law actually want a ‘people’s uprising,’ but they don’t want to do it themselves; instead, they want to delegate their uprising to the military to carry out for them. If you say you don’t want to suspend Constitutional authority by implementing Martial law, they treat you like you don’t want anything to be done at all! That’s simply not true. I object to Martial Law as a tool, and deep down, so do they, because rest assured, these very same people would be screaming their heads off if the left had suggested it.”

Instead of heeding the advice of her Republican colleagues, Chase decided to dig her heels in deeper late Wednesday night. “Make no mistake. We are at war,” wrote the Senator. “The Democratic Party hijacked our 2020 Presidential Election and have committed treason. Where the hell are the Republicans? Did Dominion Voting Systems buy you out too? I hear nothing but crickets. If we don’t address voter fraud right here and right now how can you even think about 2021?”

Chase then again, called for martial law in the United States. “I agree with General Flynn. President Trump should invoke limited Martial law to allow the U.S. Military to oversee a new free and fair federal election if legislators, courts, and the Congress do not follow the Constitution.”

The Chase campaign has not responded to requests for comment.

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