by Brandon Jarvis

Clean Virginia the organization and the Political Action Committee associated with it endorsed Jay Jones for attorney general Thursday. Jones, a current state delegate from Norfolk is challenging two-term incumbent Mark Herring for the Democratic nomination to run for attorney general.

Clean Virginia has a stated mission of supporting clean energy and good governance. The Political Action Committee associated with the group is funded by hedge fund billionaire Michael Bills. Bills has become one of the largest donors in Virginia politics in recent years as he tries to push back against the influence of Dominion Energy in the state legislature.

Accompanying this endorsement of Jones from Clean Virginia is an additional $150K on top of the $100K they already gave him last year.

“We’re thrilled to officially endorse Del. Jay Jones for Attorney General, the top consumer protection officer for the state. Del. Jones has demonstrated time and again that he will champion energy reform and protect working Virginians through his bipartisan leadership in the fight against legalized corruption in the Commonwealth,” said Clean Virginia Executive Director Brennan Gilmore.

“As a partner in the fights for fair energy policy and ending legalized corruption, I am honored to have the endorsement of Clean Virginia. I am running for Attorney General to ensure that the interests of all Virginians are protected, not just those of large corporations,” said Jones. “And this fight against corruption has never been more important than it is today.”

Clean Virginia has yet to make an announcement as to who they will be endorsing in the Democratic primary race for governor, but several sources tell Virginia Scope that the group has given $500K to Jennifer Carroll Foy this quarter. They gave her $110K last year, and Sonjia Smith, a large donor in Virginia that happens to be married to Michael Bills, gave Carroll Foy $310K last year. (Smith and Bills are married, but they do not always support the same candidate.)

Clean Virginia has not commented on who they will be endorsing in the gubernatorial race.

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