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Update: Youngkin’s campaign provides an update on the debates in which he plans to participate

Last week, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe announced that he accepted invitations to attend five debate events ahead of the general election. His Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin announced Tuesday that he has accepted one invitation and plans to work out the details to attend two additional debates before November.

“Glenn Youngkin can’t wait to debate career politician Terry McAuliffe, who will have to explain his history of flip-flops and false claims,” a spokesperson for the Youngkin campaign said in a statement. “Only weak incumbents like McAuliffe need to debate five times in the hopes of making up lost ground. We’ve received lots of different debate invitations, and unlike McAuliffe, Glenn committed in March to the debate at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy. We look forward to scheduling two more debates and working out the details with possible debate hosts and the McAuliffe campaign, including dates, locations, media partners, and moderators. Glenn Youngkin is the breath of fresh air the Commonwealth needs to improve the quality of life for all Virginians. The debates should prove interesting and informative.”

McAuliffe’s spokesperson Jake Rubenstein said McAuliffe is still looking forward to the five debates. “Glenn and Terry were invited to the same five debates in five regions of Virginia — Terry happily said yes, and a week later Glenn has finally agreed to one single debate,” Rubenstein said Tuesday. “If Glenn can’t take the debate stage heat, he surely can’t handle the pressure of being governor. Whenever Glenn is ready to answer for his plans to ban abortion, put more dangerous guns on our streets, and his complete and total devotion to Donald Trump, Terry looks forward to debating Glenn at these five debates.”

The debates that McAuliffe agreed to are:

  • Hot Springs, Virginia: Virginia Bar Association – July 24
  • Hampton Roads: Norfolk State University
  • Southwest Virginia: Appalachian School of Law – August/September
  • Northern Virginia: Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, NBC4/Telemundo 44 and the Schar School of Public Policy and Government at George Mason University – September 28
  • Richmond: AARP Virginia and WTVR – October 12

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announces House targets in Virginia

The RSLC announced thirteen districts in the House of Delegates where they will be targeting Democratic incumbents this election cycle.

“Democrat-run Washington has given us an economic crisis, has politicized our children’s education to please their teachers’ union backers, and has put public safety at risk; Democrat-controlled Richmond has produced the same failed results,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan“No matter where Democrats win, the people lose, and it is absolutely critical that we remind voters of that reality ahead of Virginia’s elections this fall. While we know the task before us will be a challenge, we are excited about the initial 13 opportunities we have identified throughout the commonwealth to replace extreme liberals who have sold out their constituents to the radical left with commonsense conservatives who will put Virginians first.” 

The Democratic incumbents the RSLC is targeting are:

  • Wendy Gooditis, VA-10 
  • Chris Hurst, VA-12
  • Kelly Convirs-Fowler, VA-21
  • Joshua Cole, VA-28
  • Elizabeth Guzman, VA-31 
  • Dan Helmer, VA-40
  • Dawn Adams, VA-68
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg, VA-72
  • Rodney Willett, VA-73
  • Roslyn “Roz” Tyler, VA-75
  • Nancy Guy, VA-83
  • Alex Askew, VA-85
  • Martha Mugler, VA-91

Del. Dave LaRock’s spot on the ballot in question over paperwork issue – Virginia Mercury

by Graham Moomaw

Conservative Del. Dave LaRock’s bid for re-election has hit a snag after a local party official failed to file paperwork declaring him the GOP nominee before a state-imposed deadline passed this month.

On Tuesday, a Republican lawyer asked the State Board of Elections to certify LaRock, R-Loudoun, as a candidate anyway, despite the board’s recent stance against making accommodations for late paperwork. The elections board did not take action at Tuesday’s meeting, but the lawyer requested a decision by the July 4th weekend.

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Virginia Beach officer said nothing to Donovon Lynch before shooting and killing him, witness says – Virginian-Pilot

By Peter Coutu

The night of laid-back bar-hopping — the gregarious Lynch, easy to spot and easier to get along with, was everyone’s best friend — turned into bedlam as shots rang out.

Walking out of The Boxx, an Oceanfront nightclub, they were greeted by yellow tape, sirens and crowds of police officers. Inside, they hadn’t heard a thing, but a series of shootings had started that would end with eight people seriously injured and two dead — including Lynch.

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