by Brandon Jarvis

Senate Democratic candidates outraised Republicans by nearly $3 million between July 1 and Aug. 31. Democrats reported raising $7.5 million compared to the Republicans’ haul of $4.8 million, according to VPAP.

Democratic candidates took the top three spots on the ‘most raised’ list with Russet Perry (SD-31) reporting $1,315,078, Monty Mason (SD-24) reporting $1,006,901, and Schuyler VanValkenburg (SD-16) reporting $976,260 raised.

Perry’s opponent Juan Pablo Segura is fourth on the list and raised $653,316. Mason’s opponent Danny Diggs is sixth on the list and raised $628,598. VanValkenburg’s opponent Siobhan Dunnavant was tenth on the list and raised $507,352.

Outgoing Democratic Majority Leader Dick Saslaw has the most cash on hand at $989,379.

VanValkenburg is number two on the list reporting $899,304 cash on hand. Dunnavant reported having $593,246 cash on hand.

Perry reported $848,404 cash on hand and Segura reported $437,821 cash on hand.

In SD-17 where Dels. Emily Brewer (R) and Clint Jenkins (D) are facing off for an open Senate seat, Jenkins outraised Brewer by $27K. She reported more cash on hand however with $125K compared to Jenkins’ $94K.

In SD-22, Sen. Aaron Rouse (D) raised $280,733 compared to his Republican opponent Kevin Adams’ $254,953. Rouse reported $306,839 cash on hand compared to Adams’ $151,043.

In SD-27, Del. Tara Durant (R) raised $350,546 and reported $196,721 cash on hand. Joel Griffin (D) raised $643,231 and reported $518,850 cash on hand. Monica Gary (I) raised $80,149 and reported $28,998 cash on hand.

In SD-30, Del. Danica Roem raised $641,023 and reported $315,561 cash on hand. Her Republican opponent raised Bill Woolf $265,657 and reported $133,578 cash on hand.

As far as potential party leadership on the Democratic side, Mamie Locke raised $286,658 and reported $543,726 cash on hand. Scott Surovell raised $216,195 and reported $425,507.

On the Republican side, Ryan McDougle raised $99,446 and reported $493,230 cash on hand. Mark Obenshain raised $97,245 and reported $283,366 cash on hand.

While Democrats drastically outraised Republicans, Gov. Glenn Youngkin has been a fundraising machine this year and will likely make up the difference in competitive districts to try and flip the chamber so he can enact his agenda.

Democrats have a 22-18 majority in the chamber and Republicans only need to flip two seats to gain the majority. Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears (R) casts tie-breaking votes in the chamber.

Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia PAC raised $3,769,551 during this reporting period and finished with $6,308,460 cash on hand.

Districts that he seems to be focusing on the most so far are SD-31 for Segura and SD-24 for Diggs.

Spirit of Virginia gave $125K to Diggs’ campaign during this reporting period. They also gave $25K to Brewer, Woolf, and Durant.

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