by Brandon Jarvis

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA) is launching a website Thursday that they say will “reveal Republican candidate for governor Pete Snyder’s true record as a longtime member of the Washington establishment and shady party insider.”

DGA says the website will highlight how Snyder “has been misleading Virginians by falsely calling himself an ‘outsider’ who runs a small business.”

The Democrats are attacking Snyder with less than two weeks until the nomination convention to decide the Republican nominees for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

“As the Virginia GOP’s nasty primary gets even more toxic, Pete Snyder will do or say anything to try to be more like Trump. That includes building his entire campaign around lying to Virginians about his real record, as this new website exposes,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Snyder falsely claims to be an outsider who runs a small business, the reality is he’s a longtime party insider who ran a consulting firm that represented lobbying groups and helped elect politicians who have been in Washington for decades. Just like how Virginians saw through Donald Trump’s lies, they’ll know two-sided Pete Snyder cannot be trusted.” 

Lenze Morris, a spokesperson for Snyder provided the following statement in response. “Corrupt Terry McAuliffe is scared of one candidate in this race: Pete Snyder. Terry’s calling in favors from DC pals because he knows his time is up,” Morris said. “His career of cronyism and corruption ends this November.”

In addition to Snyder, state Sen. Amanda Chase, Del. Kirk Cox, and Glenn Youngkin are competitive for the nomination.

The party will be choosing its nominees when convention delegates turn in ranked-choice ballots at one of more than 40 remote voting locations across Virginia on May 8. The votes will then be tallied and counted the following days under armed guard with a live stream of the counting process at a central location.

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