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by Brandon Jarvis

The Democratic Party of Virginia’s central committee met and voted virtually Saturday to reelect Susan Swecker as the state party chair for the next four years. Josh Stanfield and Jim McBride were seeking the chair position. 

Swecker won with 79.5% of the vote. “I am incredibly grateful to Virginia Democrats for putting their faith in me to continue to lead the Party as we move forward. We have made so much progress as a Party and Commonwealth over the last seven years, and now is the time to protect and build upon that progress,” Swecker said in a statement after the results were announced. “I am again thankful to all who supported my campaign and all who support Virginia Democrats in our mission to make a stronger, fairer Commonwealth. Onward. ” 

Other party positions that were chosen by the state central committee Saturday:

  • First Vice-Chair for Organization Gaylene Kanoyton
  • Second-Vice Chair for Rules Marc Broklawski 
  • Vice-Chair for Technology and Communications Ricardo Alfaro 
  • Vice-Chair for Outreach: Sen. Louise Lucas 
  • Vice-Chair for Finance Clarence Tong
  • Secretary Isaac Sarver 
  • Treasurer Abbi Easter

Here are the vote counts for each contested race:


Susan Swecker – 213

Jim McBride – 24

Josh Stanfield – 31

2nd Vice Chair for Rules

Marc Broklawski – 216

Kristin Hoffman – 61

Vice Chair for Technology and Communications

Ricardo Alfaro – 239

Randall Wolf – 39

Vice Chair for Outreach

Senator L. Louise Lucas – 164

Steve Baker – 110


Isaac Sarver – 218

Rebecca Daly – 63

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By vascope