by Brandon Jarvis

The Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin is launching two new television advertisements Tuesday. Titled “Honest Work” and “Focus,” the ads are polar opposites and highlight different aspects of this election cycle.

“Honest Work” is centered around Youngkin’s history in business and how he believes he will build up Virginia’s workforce as governor.

“In my 30-year business career, I helped create tens of thousands of jobs, but it was my job back in college, working the graveyard shift loading trucks that taught me the power of hard work,” Youngkin says in the ad. “As governor, I’ll prioritize manufacturing things right here in Virginia.”

In “Focus” Youngkin pokes fun at and condemns the attacks from his opponent Terry McAuliffe and other Democrats have thrown his way during the campaign. Strikingly similar to the ad that Raphael Warnock ran during the Georgia special elections, the Youngkin ad begins with spooky music saying “Glenn once left dirty dishes in the..” before trailing off.

“Terry McAuliffe is going to try and scare you with lies about me because he doesn’t want to talk about his own extreme views,” Youngkin says in the ad. “What’s next, I hate dogs?”

McAuliffe’s campaign believes that Youngkin’s views are not mainstream in Virginia and that these ads will not be able to mask that. “No amount of spending of his personal fortune will paper over the fact that Glenn Youngkin’s agenda is completely out of touch with Virginians: he wants to ban abortion, defund Planned Parenthood, and his budget plan would lead to devastating cuts to education and public safety,” said Renzo Olivari, a spokesperson for McAuliffe. “Glenn Youngkin, who is Donald Trump’s hand picked candidate, has gone so far as to say Trump ‘represents so much of why he’s running. That’s the real Glenn, and he is insulting Virginians if he thinks he can fool them otherwise.”

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