By Brandon Jarvis

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam gave an update on Friday of the condition of him and his wife.

Last week, Governor Ralph Northam announced that he and his wife, Pam Northam, tested positive for COVID-19. The Governor said at the time that he was asymptomatic and that his wife was experiencing mild symptoms.

“A week after our positive test results, I have no symptoms and feel fine,” said Northam on Friday. “[The first lady] has mild symptoms, but is feeling better each day. We are grateful for your ongoing prayers and support.”

Northam says that he has been working with members of the General Assembly this week while in self-isolation. Legislators are still meeting for the special session that was called to address budget shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Senate and House of Delegates are working towards the end goal of submitting a finalized budget to the Governor, but they still have yet to complete that goal after already meeting for the special session for more than a month.

“Over the last few days, I have been working closely with legislators to finalize a budget that will help Virginia continue fighting #COVID19 and ensure we emerge from this pandemic stronger and more resilient,” said Northam on Friday. “I urge the General Assembly to send it to my desk as soon as possible.”

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