Democratic candidate for attorney general Jay Jones announced Friday that his campaign staff has officially voted to form a union. The staff of the campaign will be represented by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 666.

“Our staff are the backbone of this organization, and I look forward to negotiating in good faith with them,” said campaign manager Samson Signori. “Fair compensation, good benefits, and a thriving work environment are vital to a successful operation. We thank IBEW for organizing and our staff for taking this initiative.”

Jones’ staff is the third Democratic statewide campaign to take this step as Lee Carter’s gubernatorial campaign staff and Sam Rasoul’s lieutenant governor campaign staff unionized earlier this year.

“Organizing for fair pay, worker protections, and job stability is something that every worker should be able to do, and I’m proud that our campaign staff took it upon themselves to do just that,” said Jones. “I have long said that Virginia can only be the best state in the country to do business if it is the best state for workers, and political campaigns should strive to live their professed values and abide by the same principles that they advocate for in governance. I’ve always been supportive of the labor movement and workers’ right to organize, and I’m happy that our campaign staff chose to do the same. I thank IBEW 666 for representing our workers.”

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