LINK Public Affairs touted their work this week after their involvement on three referendums across Virginia that failed to pass. LINK was involved with the “No Means No Committee” in Richmond, the “Manassas Park Votes No Committee” in Manassas Park, and the “Keep Hanover Students First Committee” in Hanover.

LINK was hired by the opponents of the Richmond Casino, ‘No Means No Committee’ to provide message development, video production, and social media outreach. Voters defeated the Richmond Casino Referendum by a 62%-38% margin. 

They also worked for the ‘Manassas Park Votes No Committee’ by conducting polling to determine message development and doing 15,000 direct mail pieces, text messaging outreach, internal polling, and other forms of voter engagement. Voters defeated the Rosies Gaming Emporium Referendum by a 59%-41% margin. 

For the ‘Keep Hanover Students First Committee’ they did 75,000 direct mail pieces, social media management, and advertisements. Voters defeated the School Board Referendum by a 53%-47% margin. 

“Data-driven campaigns are the key to success and in every one of these races LINK started by surveying the environment, developing effective messaging, and then tailoring a strategy to achieve success,” said Parker Slaybaugh.

By vascope