Nick Freitas, the Republican candidate in the VA-07 released a new ad today saying that he will protect pre-existing conditions if he is elected to Congress.

 “During this pandemic, this is the time where the people who are most vulnerable – people with pre-existing conditions, the elderly – need to be cared for and provided for by our system. Because ultimately, our whole health care system is about caring for people,” said Freitas in the ad.

Republicans have long been opposed to protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions when creating healthcare legislation. The issue was a sticking point for President Trump as he tried and failed to de-construct the Affordable Care Act and create a new healthcare system at the beginning of his presidency.

Republicans, including Delegate Freitas, seem to have recognized that this is an issue that Republicans cannot afford to lose on anymore.

“When it comes to pre-existing conditions, one thing the military always taught me is nobody gets left behind, and they don’t deserve to be left behind either,” said Freitas. “In Congress, I’ll work with you to protect those with pre-existing conditions.”

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By vascope