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by Brandon Jarvis

Former state Sen. Glen Sturtevant is making his push to court Republicans in Senate District 12 as his two opponents for the nomination have been sparring for weeks already.

Sturtevant tweeted on Wednesday railing against an alleged transgender awareness week at a high school in Chesterfield. “Parents’ Rights Matter! Why have parents not been informed that Midlothian High School is celebrating ‘Transgender Awareness Week’? Each day the school is apparently celebrating a transition story on the announcements,” Sturtevant tweeted.

Sturtevant then asked why there are no stories about people “de-transitioning.”

“Why is the administration not also presenting de-transitioning stories? The fact remains: parents weren’t notified,” he said. “Every parent should call the administration and School Board and ask why!”

Sturtevant is running against state Sen. Amanda Chase and Tina Ramirez for the nomination in SD-12. Ramirez and Chase have sparred several times in recent months already but Sturtevant has stayed out of that. He largely has remained relatively quiet with messaging until the tweets on Wednesday.

Chase has been adamantly trying to defend Trump this week and she even criticized Lieutenant Governor Winsome Earle-Sears calling her a “weak ass Republican,” for no longer supporting Trump.

Chase has also called Ramirez “Timid Tina” and a “yes girl” in tweets recently. Ramirez responded in a statement to Virginia Scope last week. “The focus right now needs to be on electing Conservative leaders to office, not on picking fights with fellow Republicans and throwing temper tantrums,” she said. “This is the reason Chase has been so ineffective in the Senate and so unable to pass meaningful conservative legislation: no one will work with her.”

SD-12 is a Republican district that Glenn Youngkin won by 14 points in 2021 according to an analysis from VPAP.

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By vascope