By Brandon Jarvis

Bob Good, the Republican nominee in Virginia’s 5th congressional district is struggling to find momentum for the general election after beating the incumbent, Congressman Denver Riggleman, in a drive-thru convention earlier this year.

Good’s campaign almost ended before it began as he had to plead to have his name on the general election ballot. A few days prior to the convention, Virginia Scope broke the news that Good failed to file the correct paperwork prior to the deadline in June. This mistake would have left him off of the ballot in November.

Good won the nomination a few days after the news broke of his error. This left the decision to grant an extension up to the members of the State Board of Elections. If the board voted against extending the deadline, then the 5th congressional district would have had not had a Republican on the ballot in November.

Speaking directly to the Board of Elections on the day of the hearing, Good said that the delegates in the convention voted for him while knowing he failed to file the correct paperwork. He told the members of the board that if they did not grant this extension, then they would be going “against the will,” of the delegates that voted for him.

Dr. Wheeler, a former member of the board also spoke that day saying it would be chaos if the board members did not follow election law. “All of the candidates should follow the same guidelines,” said Dr. Wheeler. “Exceptions should be given for true emergencies. Just missing a deadline is not an emergency.”

The members of the board eventually voted to give Good and a slate of other candidates an extension, including the Republican nominee in the 7th House district, Nick Freitas.

“God, Guns, and A Good Time”

Good’s campaign is now defending itself again, this time for potentially breaking Virginia campaign finance laws.

An event featuring Good and country music singer, John Rich, took place on Saturday, September 26th in Fluvanna County. Organizers of the event advertised a fundraiser where they planned to raffle off an AR-15 and a bolt action rifle.

The flyer for the event stated that the proceeds were going to Bob Good for Congress, the SuperPAC associated with Bob Good’s campaign. This would be illegal according to Attorney General Mark Herring and the Department of Elections.

“According to Code of Virginia § 18.2-340.15, political organizations in Virginia may not, under any circumstance, use raffles as a fundraising tool.”

The Good Campaign has not responded to inquiries from Virginia Scope on Monday. However, the Good campaign denied that it will be receiving funds from the raffle in a statement to NBC29. One of the Good campaign’s Senior Advisors Chris Shores said that they did not receive any funds from the raffle. Shores also stated that they did not organize the event and were only invited.

No Money

Virginia Scope has also requested comment from Good about his personal finance disclosure form that shows he has zero assets. Good has often referenced his 17-year financial career giving him the experience needed for Congress.

“Well, if you look at the background, the preparation for, there’s really not a comparison.  I’ve got an MBA, a degree in finance, nearly 17 years’ experience in financial services where I have worked in business,” Good said in an interview with Len Stevens earlier this month, “I know what it takes to get our economy going. I know what it’s like to support businesses and job creators. I have 15 years’ experience in fundraising working with local businesses. And so from a financial standpoint, there’s no comparison on the record.”

However, after touting his experience of working in finance prior to switching over to a six-figure position in the athletic department at Liberty University, Good’s personal finances do not reflect the persona that Goad has projected of himself.

Bob Good’s personal finance disclosure form

Good, the Republican candidate in a Republican district is now facing the toughest Democratic challenge for this seat since Tom Perriello won in 2008.

This story will be updated if the Good campaign responds.

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