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Posted by Brandon Jarvis

The Princeton Gerrymandering Project released grades for the redistricting proposals released yesterday by the special masters in Virginia.

They scored the congressional draft as an “A” overall and in Partisan Fairness, with “Cs” in Competitiveness and Geography.

“It has five pretty safe D seats, 2 very safe R seats, 2 lean R seats, and 2 lean D seats (for a likely delegation of 7D-4R). These results could be quite different in R-leaning years, with a delegation of 6R-5D from Virginia quite feasible.”

They scored the Virginia state Senate maps as a “B” overall and in Partisan Fairness, with an “F” in Competitiveness and a “C” in Geography. The “B” in Fairness is due to a grade decrease deriving from the F in Competitiveness, they said.

“The districts would suggest a 24D-16R Senate, but three of those seats are competitive. There appear to be 7 Black opportunity-to-elect districts, and 14 districts that are majority-minority.”

They scored the House of Delegates map as an “A” overall and in Partisan Fairness, a “B” in Competitiveness, and a “C” in Geography.

“Using our election averages, it appears to have 58D seats and 42R seats, with 17 competitive districts.”

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