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The Republicans flipped seven seats in the House of Delegates during last month’s general election giving them a slim 52-48 majority in the House of Delegates. The Democrats vastly outraised the Republicans in those seven races, however.

Here are the seven Democrats who were defeated and what each candidate raised according to the Department of Elections.

  • Democratic incumbent Alex Askew lost to Karen Greenhalgh in HD-85
    • Askew raised $2,310,631 compared to Greenhalgh’s $1,054,949.
  • Democratic incumbent Chris Hurst lost to Republican Jason Ballard in HD-12
    • Hurst raised $1,703,629 compared to Ballards’ $1,047,735.
  • Democratic incumbent Martha Mugler lost to Republican AC Cordoza in HD-91.
    • Mugler raised $654,344 compared to Cordoza’s $60,330
  • The longest-serving Democratic incumbent to lose last month was Roz Tyler in HD-75. Republican Otto Wachsmann defeated her.
    • Tyler raised $1,514,495 compared to Wachmann’s $902,762.
  • Democratic incumbent Nancy Guy lost to Republican Tim Anderson in HD-83.
    • Guy raised $2,175,443 compared to Anderson’s $924,034.
  • Democratic incumbent Josh Cole lost to Republican Tara Durant in HD-28.
    • Cole raised $2,430,940 compared to Durant’s $1,112,030.
  • Democratic incumbent Lashrecse Aird lost to Republican Kim Taylor in HD-63
    • Aird raised $1,509,705 compared to Taylor’s $267,273.

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