Here is the latest news from the statewide campaigns:

Glenn Youngkin is a former CEO of the investment firm The Carlyle Group and he is expected to formally announce his candidacy for Governor soon. Sources tell Virginia Scope that the Virginia Cornerstone PAC formed to oppose Youngkin as he seeks the Republican nomination.

In their latest work, Virginia Cornerstone, which was formed by GOP strategist Chris Jankowski, hits Youngkin for not panicking at the prospect of a change to the tax code in favor of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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Melvin Adams, Chair of the 5th congressional district’s GOP committee accidentally sent an email to the entire State Central Committee detailing a plan to prevent the committee from changing the statewide nomination method to a primary. Adams mentions discussing the plan with another member of the committee that will be working for Pete Snyder when he enters the race seeking the Republican nomination for Governor.

The committee originally voted in December to nominate statewide candidates with a convention. A movement still exists, however, to change the method back to a primary. That movement tried to come to fruition at the committee’s Jan. 16 meeting when members were attempting to reconsider the vote. The push ultimately failed, as the meeting ended abruptly with the committee members shouting and failing to finalize the nomination method – a temporary win for Adams and the convention supporters.

Dan Webb, who abstained from voting at the Jan. 16 meeting due to his ties to the potential Snyder campaign is mentioned in the email from Adams. “I spoke with Dan Webb and we agreed that Mike Ginsburg would be the right person to carry this objection and motion forward since he led on the matter last time,” wrote Adams.

View the full email below, which was mistakenly sent to the entire committee on January 15 ahead of the State Central Committee’s meeting.

The Virginia Public Access Project broke down donation sources to statewide candidates.

In the gubernatorial race, Terry McAuliffe (D) raised more than every other candidate in the race combined. Kirk Cox (R), however, reported the highest percentage of funds raised from Virginians.

McAuliffe still raised a drastically larger amount of cash from Virginians than the rest of the field.

Overall, McAuliffe, and Democrats in general, are showing a massive advantage in fundraising compared to Republicans.

In the Lieutenant Governor race, Andria McClellan (D-Norfolk) reported the largest percentage of money raised coming from Virginians.

Delegate Sam Rasoul (D-Roanoke) raised the most out of all of the candidates in total, both from Virginians and out-of-state donors.

Virginia donors:

Overall, Rasoul has a commanding fundraising lead.

In the race for Attorney General, the Democratic incumbent has raised the most cash from Virginians in tota.

Republican candidate Jason Miyares raised the largest percentage of donations from Virginians.

The Democrats in the race show a steep fundraising advantage overall.

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