By Brandon Jarvis

The Phone Call

Delegate Nick Freitas (R) spoke alongside Rich Anderson, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia on a phone call with other members of the Trump campaign Thursday morning. Freitas is running against Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D) for the 7th district seat in the House of Representatives.

On the call, Freitas talked about his support of President Donald Trump and his policies. Freitas said the people in his district are excited that Trump is coming to Virginia tonight and that Democrats and their Criminal Justice reform policies are anti-law enforcement.

He emphasized that he believes there is an important need to protect Virginians and that he believes Trump is the man to do that. “We are very pleased to have the president here.”

The Delegate said that President Trump has produced comprehensive criminal justice reform already. “We are very grateful that the President has given us a record to run on,” said Freitas.

The VA-07 Republican nominee also brought up concerns that Republicans in the General Assembly have been using as an argument against passing new election laws that increase voter access. They have been specifically railing against the new absentee voting methods that include ballot drop-off boxes and mail-in voting – although, there has been no evidence of fraud in states that already use these measures.

In a turn to the right while on the Thursday morning phone call, Freitas outright said that Democrats have been encouraging voter fraud. “We are not the party with a history of voter suppression in this country,” said Freitas. He also said it is a form of suppression to make it easy to vote so that people think their real vote will not matter anyway so they just do not vote.

Freitas will be speaking at the Trump rally in Newport News tonight. Officials are expecting large crowds, certainly larger than the maximum 250 crowd size that is permitted under Governor Northam’s executive order. Chairman Anderson responded by saying he is not worried about it because Northam has allowed protesters to gather in the streets in recent months. Anderson did note that they have asked everyone to wear masks and that he will be wearing one himself.

What is the definition of a debate?

Freitas and Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger still have yet to nail down a true debate-like event. The ChamberRVA forum on October 20th will allow for a brief rebuttal from each candidate, but according to the Freitas campaign, a candidate is only allowed a rebuttal if the other candidate says their name. Freitas also spoke about the forum in a tweet, “Direct quote from the forum outline: ‘Please remember this is a forum, not a debate.’”

Freitas tweeted the image below, as well.

With only 39 full days left until election day, it does not seem like we will see a true debate in VA-07.

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