by Brandon Jarvis

Victor McKenzie, Jr announced on Thursday that he is seeking the Democratic nomination in HD-82. This district is based in Petersburg and Surry and includes part of Dinwiddie and Prince George. According to analysis from VPAP, Glenn Youngkin won HD-82 by two points in 2021.

McKenzie is the statewide Executive Director of the Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia (SAARA) and lives in Petersburg.

HD-82 is currently represented by first-term Del. Kim Taylor, a Republican that flipped the district in 2021 helping Republicans take the majority in the House of Delegates.

McKenzie released the following statement with his campaign announcement:

“I have dedicated my life to giving back and making a difference. Whether it was the Boys and Girls Club or volunteering and working at a community center to my present position running an organization that helps folks recover from opioid addiction, I remain committed to improving lives and ensuring people thrive.  As the Executive Director of an organization dedicated to helping people recover from addiction, I’ve seen first hand the struggle and endurance it takes to succeed and I’ve been there to help.  I will bring that commitment and perseverance to helping families in our district.

“We need communities where our families can prosper – stronger schools where every child can succeed no matter the zip code or color of their skin, better roads, and laws that protect everyone in every community. Every Virginian must have access to quality affordable health care and needs decent, safe shelter and clean water.

“We need to make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed in a thriving economy – workforce training, job creation, and a family-sustaining wage. We need to protect family farms and small businesses – both the backbone of our economy.

“The prices of gas and food are skyrocketing. Families are struggling. We need real solutions, not band aids or political slogans.

“As your Delegate, I will be focused on helping my constituents succeed and lead productive and fulfilled lives. I’m not interested in partisan political gamesmanship or in promoting political parties. I am interested in solutions that work, and that make a difference.”

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By vascope