by Brandon Jarvis

Glenn Youngkin, a Republican candidate for governor is following through with a campaign promise to invest in down-ballot races across Virginia. The former Carlyle Group executive has given the Virginia Wins PAC $400,000 in recent weeks. This new PAC associated with Youngkin has a stated mission of helping Virginia Republicans win down-ballot races.

After huge gains in 2017 and 2019, Democrats now control both chambers of the General Assembly — now holding a 10-vote majority in the House and a two-vote majority in the Senate. Republicans see this year as an opportunity to regain some of those lost House seats with a Congress and White House that is now controlled by Democrats. 

Money, as always, will be an important factor in those down-ballot races during a year where most voters are only focused on the top of the ticket. Youngkin is looking to use his personal fortune and platform as a statewide candidate to help. “Democrats have poured millions of dollars into transforming Virginia, and I can’t sit by and watch while the left runs wild in my home state,” Youngkin said in March when he first announced this initiative. 

This plan is intended to support Republicans at all levels of government, including local school board, commonwealth’s attorney, county sheriff, county commissioner, state delegate, state senator, and the U.S. Congress. A spokesperson for the campaign said that $81,500 has been distributed between more than 20 candidates so far.

Youngkin has vowed to make this a long-term, seven-figure investment. “Together, we will end the Virginia Republican Party’s decade-long losing streak, and we will win statewide in November,” said Youngkin. “When I’m governor, this new crop of leaders will help deliver conservative solutions and make the Commonwealth the best place to live, work, and raise a family. I am proud to make this vital investment to help elect Republicans in my home state.”

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