by Brandon Jarvis

WJLA first broke the news on Tuesday that Governor Glenn Youngkin is traveling to Michigan to campaign with Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon. Dixon has stated in the past that she believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump and she supports a total ban on abortion except for when a mother’s life is at risk.

Dixon has given her support for Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban which would criminalize nearly all abortions without exception for rape or incest.

In an interview with Charlie LeDuff of No BS Newshour in July, Dixon was faced with the question of whether abortion should be available for a 14-year-old girl who has been raped:

(Content Warning)


LEDUFF: Nope, this is not a debate because I’m there with you… 14 years old, she’s four months pregnant, some f*ck hauled her into an alley or walked into her bedroom. You expect her to carry that thing? Yes or no? …Yes or no and then give me the answer.

DIXON: Because I know people who are the product. A life is a life for me. That’s how it is. That is for me. That’s my feeling.

Dixon has also accused the Democrats of sloppy voter fraud during the 2020 election.

Dixon confirmed that she believed Trump won Michigan during a debate just two months ago. Biden actually won Michigan by 154,000 votes. Dixon has since begun to sidestep the question when asked.

Governor Youngkin said in a statement to WJLA that he is excited to campaign with Dixon. “What we’re seeing in Michigan is similar to what we saw in Virginia last summer – voters coming together demanding better education, safer communities, and manageable cost of living for their families. I’m excited to campaign with Tudor Dixon later this month and look forward to bringing the Virginia spirit to Michigan!”

Youngkin has never denied that Joe Biden won the presidency since he earned the Republican nomination in 2021. It did take some time for him to outright admit Biden won legitimately, however. He also is strongly against abortion but says he would support exceptions in the case of rape or incest.

He continues to travel to the country meeting with Republicans as rumors that he might be considering a presidential run in the future continue to swirl. “That’s not a decision that we have even begun to undertake,” Youngkin said during an interview with Robert Costa in early July.

“Governor Youngkin is working to build support and excitement across the country to keep momentum going for candidates on the ballot in November,” said Matt Wolking, a spokesperson for Axiom Strategies, the political shop that ran Youngkin’s gubernatorial campaign and still runs his political operations outside of his duties as governor.

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