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by Brandon Jarvis

Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is keeping his distance from the NRA, not campaigning publicly on his abortion views, and was one of the first Republicans in Virginia to admit that Joe Biden actually won — several actions that could have alienated him from the more conservative base of his party.

But with less than one month until election day in a state that voted for Biden by 10 points last year, it appears that that conservative base remains with him as their de facto leader, Sen. Amanda Chase, continues to campaign for Youngkin when she is not pushing for an audit of the 2020 election.

After losing to him in the nomination convention in May, Chase gave her full support for Youngkin during a speech in Chesterfield last month by telling her supporters to help Youngkin. They were together once again this weekend at the Family Foundation Gala.

“Who on God’s green earth would want another four years of this hell the Democrat Party has put us through?” Chase said in a statement to Virginia Scope Tuesday morning. “Firing employees because they won’t get a vaccine, catering to criminals over law abiding citizens, teaching racism in our schools and not wanting input from parents. Nobody in their right mind would vote to continue this insanity. Voting for Youngkin is the only way to stop this clown show and put the adults back in charge.”

The Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) pointed to some of Chase’s far-right views in a statement Monday. “It is when campaigning behind closed doors with Amanda Chase and the far-right, anti-choice Family Foundation that Glenn shows Virginians exactly who he is,” said DPVA spokesman Manuel Bonder. “Youngkin has made it clear: he is all in on banning abortion, defunding Planned Parenthood, and dragging the Commonwealth backwards with his right wing agenda.”

Election day is Nov. 2.

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