In a statement on Friday afternoon, Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) reversed course and said that she will participate in a Republican convention seeking the 2021 GOP candidate for governor.

by Brandon Jarvis

In a statement on Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for state Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) has confirmed to Virginia Scope that Chase reversed course and will participate in the convention seeking the 2021 GOP nomination for governor.

Chase recently said that she would be running as an Independent after stating for months that she would only run as a Republican if they chose to nominate by a primary election.

Even with the looming threat of a split GOP ticket, the State Central Committee still voted for a convention. “My announcement running as an Independent should come to NO SURPRISE outside my of support base,” Chase said Tuesday in a statement. “I promised to run FULLY for Governor of Virginia back in February. I promised to run only in a Primary so that ALL Virginia voters could be heard!”

The Chase campaign told Virginia Scope on Friday afternoon that they have received thousands of calls from her supporters encouraging her to run as a Republican. “She is a Republican through and through,” said a spokesperson for her campaign.

In her announcement, Chase said that she saw no path to victory as an Independent and that she does not want to see Northam’s legacy continue.

“I am advocating for a primary, but I am not going to run as an Independent,” said Chase on Friday. “I still will fully-run for Governor in Virginia.” She said she will reluctantly support a convention.

Shaun Kenney, a former Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia said Chase “most definitely” has a chance at winning the convention. “Imagine the 2009 convention with Ken Cuccinelli,” Kenney said. “Just instead of Gadsen flags, they are flying Confederate flags.”

So far, the only Republican besides Chase to officially declare their candidacy is Delegate Kirk Cox from Colonial Heights. He expressed his disappointment with Chase’s decision to run as an Independent last weekend. “Amanda Chase’s antics have long grown more than tiresome,” said Cox in a statement on Sunday. “Her threat to run as an independent is based solely on the fact that she knows principled, conservative Republicans will never tolerate the demagogue she has become.”

After endorsing his run for Governor on Thursday, former state Senator Bill Carrico responded on behalf of the Cox campaign. “Virginians have long grown tired of politicians who think everything is about them. Virginia needs a consistent and disciplined Governor whose heart is in service, who knows where he stands, and who is a steadfast conservative that will not waver. Kirk Cox is the best person to unify the Republican party. It’s time for Republicans across Virginia to partner with Kirk and win again in 2021.”

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