The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) says they received the news on Wednesday that the extended benefits for unemployed individuals in the Commonwealth will be ending this week.

“The Virginia Employment Commission has been informed by the U. S. Department of Labor that payment of extended benefits (EB) will no longer be authorized after the claim for week ending Saturday, November 21, 2020,” announced the VEC on Thursday morning.

Even if you still have eligible time, it appears that it doesn’t matter. “You may have a balance of EB weeks remaining on your monetary determination, but no EB benefits can be paid after the week ending November 21, 2020,” said VEC.

The Commonwealth of Virginia originally activated the state’s Extended Benefits (EB) Program, which helped applicants receive to up to 50% of the total amount they received on their claim for regular unemployment benefits (UI) on May 31st.

The employment commission says there are currently 500,000 available jobs on their website. If the rate of unemployment rises again, the benefits will likely be activated once again.

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By vascope