Petersburg’s Public Works & Utilities Department announces their annual fall leaf pick up program. The program will begin on Monday, November 16, 2020. The City will provide one round of vacuuming in each ward.  

During the vacuum dates, residents should rake leaves into a pile between the sidewalk and curb or shoulder of the road and not into the streets or ditches. Bulky materials such as brush and tree limbs should not be mixed in with leaves. 

Citizens who miss their scheduled vacuum dates should bag their leaves. Meridian Waste Tri-City will pick up 60 bags of leaves per property. These leaves may be placed on the curb on the regular trash collection day. For additional information about bagged leaf collection, please call Meridian Waste Tri-City at (804) 425-0500.  

Citizens who miss their scheduled vacuum dates may also purchase individual vacuum leaf services at a cost of $75 per load. Residents who pay for individual vacuum services will still need to rake their leaves into a pile between the sidewalk and curb. For more information about this service, please call the City’s Street Operations Division at (804) 733-2415. 

Vacuum dates are as follows (dates are subject to change with weather conditions): 

There will be no vacuuming on the following holidays: Thanksgiving (Nov. 26 & 27), Christmas (Dec. 24 & 25), and New Year’s Day (Jan. 1). 

Ward 1: November 16 –20  

Ward 2:  December 14-18 

Ward 3:  December 28 – 31 

Ward 4:  November 30-December 4  

Ward 5: November 23-25 

Ward 6: December 21-23 

Ward 7: December 7-11 

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