by Brandon Jarvis

Delegate Angelia Williams Graves (D-Norfolk) announced today that she is endorsing Terry McAuliffe as he is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for governor.

“As a former city council member, I know firsthand how much strain the COVID-19 pandemic has put on local communities across the Commonwealth,” said Williams Graves. “And I also know Terry McAuliffe is a proven leader who has already demonstrated his ability to get things done in tough times. As the next governor of Virginia, Terry will work to make sure communities of color benefit from our post-COVID recovery and that is why I am proud to endorse him today.”

Williams Graves is the 34th member of the General Assembly and the 11th member of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus to endorse McAuliffe for governor. “Terry’s dedication to addressing the racial, socioeconomic and geographic inequities in our education system will be critical to our post-COVID recovery,” Williams Graves continued.

McAuliffe is continuing to build a large and powerful coalition of supporters across the Commonwealth as he is seeking a second term as Virginia’s governor. He has already served in the position from 2014-2018, but Virginia has a term limit preventing any sitting governor from seeking immediate reelection.

McAuliffe is competing with Del. Lee Carter, former Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, state Sen. Jennifer McClellan and Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax for the Democratic nomination. The primary election to choose a nominee will take place on June 8.

Republicans, with a slate of seven candidates, choose their nominee in an unassembled convention on May 8.

“This is a critical moment for our Commonwealth and I will take big, bold action to address the inequities that have plagued our education, healthcare, and criminal justice systems for generations,” McAuliffe said Monday. “I look forward to working with Delegate Graves and our entire Democratic majority in the House of Delegates.”

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