by Brandon Jarvis

Delegate Jason Miyares (R-Va Beach) made it official this morning and announced that he is seeking the 2021 Republican nomination for Attorney General of Virginia.

“We need a pushback on an arrogant leadership in Richmond that is out of control and more concerned about the rights of criminals than they are of victims,” said Miyares in his announcement, which focused largely on pushing back against defunding the police and socialism.

“We need an Attorney General who will work with our law enforcement officers, not against them,” said Miyares. “I’ll defend the police, not defund them, – and give them the tools to do their job.”

Miyares spoke about his Cuban mother and how socialism ruined her life. “My mother’s story reminds me that Socialism is the opposite of the Rule of Law; and how dangerous it is when leaders forget the people they serve.”

Miyares listed off several complaints about Democrats in Richmond, even though the Attorney General is not a legislative position. “They’ve dramatically reduced the amount of time violent criminals will spend behind bars. They pushed a law to make it possible for criminals to sue police officers into bankruptcy,” said Miyares. He continued, “they’ve even watched as violent criminals have been released by a politically motivated parole board in desperate need of reform. They even take the side of the radical Defund the Police Movement.”

So far, Miyares and Chuck Smith are the only Republicans to announce their candidacy for Virginia’s top prosecutor. However, Senator Jill Vogel from Northern Virginia is also considering running for the office, according to multiple sources. She formerly ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2017.

On the Democratic side, Mark Herring is currently serving his second term as Attorney General and has already announced that he is seeking a third. Jay Jones, a Delegate from Norfolk is also seeking the nomination.

You can see the video from Miyares’ announcement below.

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