by Brandon Jarvis

The Democratic Party of Virginia sent out a fundraising email to supporters Thursday stressing that Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is gaining ground on the Democratic nominee, former-Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“The Cook Political Report just updated their ratings for the Virginia gubernatorial election, and it looks like our job just got harder. The race went from ‘Likely Democrat’ in their view to ‘Lean Democrat.’ Now that the primary is over, analysts believe that this campaign is becoming a whole lot more competitive,” DPVA wrote in the email.”It’s clear that Glenn Youngkin’s multi-million dollar ad buys are starting to have a real impact on this race. For weeks, polls have shown Youngkin and the VA GOP to be within the margin of error, and that’s bad news.”

Fundraising emails are often over-the-top and dramatic as finance experts try to find the right message and balance of fear/excitement to garner more donations for their candidate. But the Democrats have been consistently been messaging in recent weeks that they believe Youngkin is highly competitive, especially when there is very little ground to gain (about four points) before a tie would be reached.

But even with the very limited polling showing a slight lead for McAuliffe, Democrats are sticking to the fundraising message that Youngkin could win this race. “Glenn Youngkin’s recent media spending spree is only the beginning — he’s pledged an eye-popping $75 million of his own wealth to ensure that he and his pals in the GOP win their races up and down the ballot,” the Democrats wrote in the fundraising email. “Make no mistake, folks: Glenn Youngkin is trying to buy this election using any means necessary, and we need to fight back.”

Youngkin, McAuliffe, and Independent candidate Princess Blanding face off on Nov 2. Early voting begins mid-September.

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