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This first appeared in the Virginia Scope daily newsletter

In the audio from a Nov. 24 interview with John Fredericks, state Sen. Jen Kiggans, a Republican candidate seeking the nomination to run against Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02), was pushed hard to answer the question of whether she would support Donald Trump for president in 2024, or not.

“If he runs in 2024, will you support Trump for the nomination? “ Fredericks asked Kiggans.

“That’s a good question,” Kiggans responded. “I am so focused on ‘22 right now. That’s where all of my attention is is into this midterm election. One election at a time, right? We just got through a big election here in Virginia for the governor.”

Fredericks then pushed her to answer the question. “that’s a consultant-driven answer. If Trump runs in 2024 are you going to be comfortable with him as the nominee?”

“Everybody should get on a ballot who wants to be on a ballot,” Kiggans responded. “So it’s going to be a crowded field, and I am watching closely, and whoever, again, is the Republican nominee, that’s who I’ll vote for.”

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