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by Brandon Jarvis

According to multiple people with knowledge of the situation, long-time House Republican Terry Kilgore (Scott) is making a move for Speaker of the House if Republicans are able to flip enough seats to take the majority in the chamber. Unofficial results show Republicans flipping six seats providing them with the majority in the House.  

The current leader of the Republican House Caucus is Todd Gilbert (Shenandoah). He took over the caucus after former Speaker of the House Kirk Cox stepped down from leadership in 2019 when Democrats took the majority.

Gilbert led the House caucus during the last two years while in the minority. He attempted to try and block the hundreds of pieces of legislation that House Democrats passed during that time, but due to their 10 seat majority, Democrats largely passed their agenda without any problem.

As of midnight Wednesday morning, Republicans flipped six seats, which would result in a 51-49 GOP majority.

The statewide ticket also swept the Democrats with Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin being declared the winner by the Associated Press and CNN after midnight on Wednesday morning.

This is a developing situation. 

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By vascope