By Jackson Revere

Richmond (VS) – An anonymous person has filed a lawsuit against Mayor Levar Stoney in Richmond Circuit Court to try and stop the removal of Confederate monuments. The plaintiff is seeing an “emergency injunctive relief to enjoin, restrain and inhibit the defendant.”

On top of saying Stoney failed to follow the 60-day guidelines for removal. The plaintiff is arguing that the statue removal is interfering with the education they are able to provide while home schooling. They claim in their lawsuit that they were going to tour the statues in Richmond “as part of an upcoming U.S. and Virginia History lesson activity.”

Brad Kutner has reported that a judge granted the injunction on Thursday afternoon.

Stoney has already removed several monuments across the city, in fact only the A.P. Hill monument remains that is city owned. The only remaining Confederate statue still standing on Monument Avenue is the Robert E. Lee statue, which is owned by the State of Virginia. Northam ordered the removal in early June, but a lawsuit has stopped him from having it removed. That case is still ongoing.

Mayor Stoney also released a photo of a note sent to him from someone upset about monument removal.

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