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Here are some highlights of election coverage from around Virginia with less than four days until voters elect a new governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

A PAC named “Our First Principles Fund” advocates against McAuliffe and encourages voters to support third-party candidate Princess Blanding

It is unclear who exactly is behind the attacks from “Our First Principles Fund.” Florida Governor Ron Desantis was associated with a PAC using the similar name “First Principles Fund” in past cycles.


Winsome Sears’ internal polling shows Youngkin outperforming Republicans

This is internal polling from Winsome Sears’ lieutenant governor campaign, so please take this with a grain of salt. The polling was completed by Co/efficient, a Republican pollster with a B/C rating from 538.

The poll shows a one-point lead for Sears and attorney general nominee Jason Miyares, but a four-point lead for gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin.

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Trump Plans Monday Tele-Rally for Youngkin in Virginia Race – Bloomberg

Donald Trump plans to hold a tele-rally for Glenn Youngkin on Monday night, a day before the Virginia gubernatorial election and as Democrats, including President Joe Biden, seek to goad the former president into campaigning for the Republican candidate. 

Youngkin has tight-roped between embracing the former president, while also keeping him at a distance. Trump on Wednesday teased the possibility that he would campaign in Virginia before the election but will do the tele-rally, typically a call with supporters to generate support for the candidate.

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McAuliffe released a new digital ad

The children of former Governor Linwood Holton release a statement after his death

“Our Dad, Linwood Holton, passed away peacefully this morning at the home he shared with our Mom in Kilmarnock, Virginia. He turned 98 last month.

“To the world, Governor Linwood Holton is known as a giant of civil rights and change. When others stood in the doorways of schools to block de-segregation, our Dad walked us (and bused us) to integrated schools to show the rest of the world the way of justice. When others balked at tearing down the barriers to employment and opportunities for all Americans, our Dad led the charge in hiring for the Governor’s office a staff that represented all Virginians. In launching a political party that included Main Street business, labor organizations, and African American organizations including the Crusade for Voters, Dad helped break the back of the political machine that had called the shots in Virginia. Dad was all of that and more in his public life.

“But to us, he was simply a great Dad – a hero who helped us with our math homework, told us funny stories, and showed us the way to live committed to what is right. A Dad who always helped us see that every day is Opportunity Time – the chance to go make right in the world, for our families, our friends, and our communities. A loving, proud granddad to his 10 grandchildren, and a great friend to so many.

“With our mom Jinks, his lifelong partner in all things and wife of 68+ years, Dad touched the lives of so many people.

“We will miss Dad terribly but have been deeply blessed by his life.”

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