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The GOP committee from Virginia’s fifth congressional district recently announced that they are holding an election integrity rally next month. Keynote speakers for the event include Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, lieutenant governor candidate Winsome Sears, and attorney general candidate Jason Miyares.

The flyer for the event lays out a schedule of events like “Understanding 2020 and cleaning up voter data” and other election process training programs. The schedule appears to make the event look like a training program for Republican activists and volunteers. But the title goes along with the theme being pushed by former President Donald Trump in an effort to cast doubt on the 2020 presidential results.

Democratic statewide candidates are now calling for the Republican nominees to drop out of that event.

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee released a statement Tuesday morning calling on Youngkin to drop out of the event. “Next week, Glenn Youngkin will headline a rally inspired by Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory that led to a deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol,” McAuliffe said in the statement. “Glenn Youngkin has focused his entire candidacy on divisive conspiracy theories, peddling Donald Trump’s lies, and trying to hide his out-of-touch views from Virginians. He launched his campaign on his ‘election integrity’ plan, calling it ‘the most important issue.’ He spent months denying that Joe Biden was duly elected president. He has repeatedly praised Donald Trump, saying Trump ‘represents so much of why’ he’s running. This is who Glenn Youngkin really is.” 

Matt Wolking, the communications director for Youngkin’s campaign provided a response to Virginia Scope. “Terry McAuliffe opposes requiring a photo ID to vote, which undermines the integrity of our elections and makes it easier to cheat. Glenn Youngkin will restore Virginia’s photo ID law and make sure it is easy for every eligible person to vote and harder to cheat.”

Del. Hala Ayala, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor is also calling on Sears to drop out from attending the event. “Anyone who attempts to undermine faith in our democracy has absolutely no place leading it. It’s hard to think of anything as irresponsible as using fear and misinformation around our elections as a fundraising opportunity,” Ayala said in a statement. “I’m disappointed and disturbed to see my opponent continuing to peddle such a dangerous myth that has cost Americans their lives. I’m calling on her to drop out of this event and finally disavow this conspiracy theory.” 

The two-day event is scheduled to begin Aug. 6.

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  1. McAuliffe is the one who’s out of touch with reality. And Ayala needs an education on what America is – a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy. Their arrogance is astounding and we have no place for that here. The Democrats have become dangerous and are intent on destroying our nation and it’s time for all citizens to wake up and step up to stop this nonsense.

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