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by Brandon Jarvis

The Republican State Leadership Committee PAC (RSLC) announced Wednesday that they are investing an additional $100,000 toward the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, Winsome Sears.

In a statement, the RSLC PAC says that their spending on their behalf of Sears is now over $150,000 making them her largest contributor. The group’s goal is to help Republicans win in state legislatures races across the country.

The reason the lieutenant governor seat is so important to the RSLC in Virginia is because of the nature of the position in presiding over the state Senate. The lieutenant governor breaks tie votes in the chamber that is currently split 21 Democrats to 19 Republicans.

“At the RSLC we are determined to grow the future of the Republican Party by supporting candidates that better reflect their communities, and Winsome Sears perfectly embodies that mission,” said RSLC president, Dee Duncan. “We look forward to continuing to support her in the weeks ahead as she fights to back law enforcement, ease the cost of living, and get politics out of the classroom.”

The Democratic counterpart of the RSLC, The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), recently announced their own $100K investment in the lieutenant governor race for their nominee, Hala Ayala. “There is so much at stake in Virginia this cycle,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “The Republican slate of Trump acolytes have been crystal clear about their agenda if they win the majority.”

Early voting for this race began on Sept 17. Polls have shown anywhere between a one-point race and a double-digit lead for Ayala.

In the latest fundraising reports, Sears raised $630,192 with $325,626 cash on hand. Ayala raised $800,081 with $888,121 cash on hand.


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