A new poll from Conservatives for Clean Energy shows Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe with a five-point lead over his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin. In the very limited polling that has taken place for this race, this number reflects a consistent lead in this range for McAuliffe. 

According to this latest poll, McAuliffe leads Youngkin 45% to 40% with 38 days until early voting begins in Virginia. 

The poll was conducted by Co/efficient, a firm that received a provisional rating of B/C pollster rating from FiveThirtyEight. Of the five polls that FiveThirtyEight analyzed, they correctly predicted four correctly. 

The results showed McAuliffe with a lead among suburban voters (51% to 30%) urban voters (61% to 32) and women (53% to 35%). Youngkin leads with men (45% to 37%), and rural voters (59% to 28%).

Other results from the poll

  • 61% to 21% majority agree with an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy that lowers dependence on fossil fuels over time.
  • 55% say Virginia should put more emphasis on solar power, compared to just 21% less emphasis.
  • Virginians support the right of landowners to build solar projects by a 90% to 10% margin.
  • Solar projects are preferred over other types of development like housing or industrial by a wide margin – 60% solar, 22% housing, 11% industrial.
  • When Virginians know that solar projects can help provide income to farmers as well as revenue for schools, they are more likely to support solar by a 62% to 11% margin.
  • By a 60% to 12% margin, voters support the Virginia regulation requiring utilities to participate in a regional electricity transmission system. Support is broad-based across ideological lines.

“In a time when voters remain polarized along ideological lines, we are encouraged to see broad support for renewables like solar energy across the commonwealth,” said Ron Butler, CCE-VA state director. “It is clear that Virginians support the continued development of clean energy Virginia, and we are proud to be a part of this movement.”

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One thought on “New polling in the gubernatorial race shows McAuliffe with a five-point lead”
  1. This is what I was worried about when the establishment Republicans installed this no-name instead of letting us vote for our own nominee. Glenn Youngkin is too weak to stand up to the Dems taking over the commonwealth. We need actual conservative leadership, and to get it we need to band together as conservatives and write-in Amanda Chase. She was the pro-Trump candidate everyone wanted, and she wouldn’t be backing away from a fight. #WriteInToWin #Chase2021

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