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by Brandon Jarvis

President Joe Biden encouraged Virginians to register to vote today in Virginia ahead of the Nov 2 elections. He also urged voters to support the Democratic nominee, Terry McAuliffe, instead of his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin.

“Virginia: Last year, the people voted and democracy prevailed. We have to do it again and elect Terry McAuliffe as governor,” President Biden tweeted Tuesday morning. 

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will be in Henrico County stumping for McAuliffe on Friday, Stacey Abrams will be campaigning for him across Virginia this weekend, and former President Barack Obama is coming to Richmond for the Democratic nominee later this month. 

On top of those big names, McAuliffe said during an education roundtable Tuesday that President Biden will make a second stop in Virginia for his campaign, the first taking place during the summer. 

“It’s a new day in Virginia, and voters are enthusiastic about supporting outsider and successful businessman Glenn Youngkin, not a 40-year politician like Terry McAuliffe,” said Macaulay Porter, a spokesperson for Youngkin.

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By vascope