by Brandon Jarvis

The debate over debates continued Tuesday between gubernatorial candidates Terry McAuliffe (D) and Glenn Youngkin (R). McAuliffe accused Youngkin of ducking debates after an article from the conservative digital outlet Breitbart highlighted a $250 donation to the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti relief project from a PBS anchor that moderated the Virginia Bar Association (VBA) debate for the last two election cycles. (The moderators have not been announced for this cycle.) 

“Glenn Youngkin’s refusal to agree to join me in one of Virginia’s most time-honored traditions, the Virginia Bar Association debate, is an insult to the people of the Commonwealth,” McAuliffe said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “Youngkin doesn’t want to face me and speak directly to Virginians at a debate because he doesn’t want to answer questions about his record of sending jobs overseas, his threats to funding for public education, his extreme anti-abortion agenda or the fact that he is Donald Trump’s handpicked candidate.”

A spokesperson for the Youngkin campaign says that they are communicating with the VBA. “Terry McAuliffe’s dishonesty continues, and now it appears he is trying to sabotage our ongoing communications with the VBA. We look forward to getting to a resolution soon.” Virginia Scope has reached out to the VBA for an update on conversations and will provide an update if any new information becomes available.

McAuliffe has committed to five debates while Youngkin has previously stated that he is hoping to participate in three debates.

The VRA debate is scheduled to take place July 24 in Hot Springs, Virginia.

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