1 thought on “Tina Ramirez is again seeking the Republican nomination to face Spanberger

  1. I came across a post by this candidate on Facebook in which she said something about higher gas prices being Biden’s fault. Many people commented with an economics lesson on how gas prices are determined. I posted the following comment instead: “Disregarding the desperate attempt to vilify based on arbitrary and erroneous premises, let’s cut to the chase: Given that we are no longer kidnapping and torturing children to discourage their desperate parents from legally seeking asylum here, spiraling down into an orgy of racist and nativist hatred and deadly violence, being led by a malignant buffoon who incited a violent insurrection against our constitutional republic and against reality itself, and sacrificing hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans on the altar of your cult’s homicidal ignorance, I’m not really too worried about gas prices.” My comment was deleted and my access to the page blocked. This is a person with neither courage nor character and Virginia should not feed. the toxicity of which she is a part.

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