Legalization is happening in Virginia as legislators were able to squeeze through a bill at the last minute during the General Assembly session to allow for simple pot possession this year. But the specifics as to what will be legal and illegal were not exactly clear at the time due to several last-minute changes. The state government recently set up a website to help make it clear what will and will not be allowed after July 1. 

Here is an overview:

After July 1, anyone 21 years or older will be allowed to possess and grow limited amounts of the plant. Specifically, individuals can possess up to one ounce and each household can grow up to 4 plants at one time. It will be legal to smoke inside of private residences, but a building’s owner can prohibit smoking if they choose. 

Adults that are 21 or older will be allowed to give each other an ounce or less as long as they are not compensated in any way for the marijuana they give someone. It is still illegal to sell any amount of marijuana. 

If someone has more than one ounce in their possession but less than one pound, they will receive a $25 civil fine. Possession of more than one pound still results in a felony. 

It will remain illegal to smoke marijuana while driving or riding in a moving vehicle and it will still be illegal to possess marijuana while operating a school bus or being on school grounds. 

For more about how the new laws will impact Virginians, visit Cannabis in Virginia.

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