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Alexsis Rodgers, a candidate for Mayor in Richmond announced today that she has raised $100,000 in the first month of her campaign.

“We are running a true grassroots campaign, and people are taking notice,” said Rodgers. “Richmonders want a mayor who has a history of being on the front line fighting for healthcare access, public education, workers’s rights, affordable housing and community services.”

Rogers told the Scope earlier this month that she had no intention of running this year, but the way that Mayor Stoney has handled the recent social justice movements in the city inspired her to run now. “The Mayor’s response to police violence and the protests in defense of Black lives was disappointing and frustrating and made it clear to me that we need to have new leadership in this city,”

Rodgers is the current state director of Care in Action, a non-profit advocacy group for domestic workers. Prior to that, she was the policy director to Ralph Northam during his term at Lt. Governor and she served as the Director of Communications at the Virginia League of Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia.

In a press release, Rodgers’ campaign says they already have a full-time staff and over 200 volunteers who are helping with phone banking and virtual engagement during the pandemic.

Last week, Rodgers announced more than 15 early endorsements from community and business leaders in Richmond, as well as local and state elected officials throughout Virginia.

You can find out more about other candidates and their financial situation for the race here.

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