Breaking: Fairfax County Public Schools will now begin the school year virtually as the board agreed to support the recommendation that Superintendent Braband gave today.

The Fairfax County school board is met virtually Tuesday afternoon into the nighttime hours to discuss the process of returning to schools. The school district originally gave parents an option for 2-days a week of in-person learning, but on Tuesday the Superintendent of public schools Scott Braband recommended a virtual-only start to the school year.

During the meeting, Braband was accused by Braddock Rep. Mclaughlin of not being clear and giving the board a heads up of his decision change. “The data has changed,” said Braband. He said it is unfair that school board Rep. Mclaughlin said she was unaware of his decision. Braband said he conferred with members of the board prior to the meeting. “How dare you,” said Mclaughlin in response. The chair of the board stopped the debate to keep the meeting moving forward.

The board heard input and debated this topic for nearly seven hours before nine of the members expressed support of the virtual-only option.

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