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Virginia Democrats have been linking Donald Trump to the Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin since he earned the nominating in May and Trump endorsed him the following day.

This rhetoric was once again ramped up Friday when Trump released a statement of support for Youngkin. “Wow, the numbers are really looking good for Glenn Youngkin in his race against Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia,” Trump said in the statement. 

But in a new campaign advertisement released today, the Youngkin campaign points to past comments from Trump where he talks about being friendly with the Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe.

“It’s totally dishonest for Terry McAuliffe to use President Trump’s endorsement to smear Glenn Youngkin, when McAuliffe is actually friends with Trump and took thousands of dollars from Trump to fund his campaign,” said Youngkin campaign spokesperson Matt Wolking. “The only person that McAuliffe has kissed up to more is Bill Clinton, or maybe Hillary Clinton – which is no doubt where he learned to be so dishonest.”

McAuliffe’s campaign responded Monday morning. “No amount of bogus advertising will hide Virginians from Glenn Youngkin’s own words: that he is ‘honored’ to have Donald Trump’s endorsement and ‘Donald Trump represents so much’ of why he’s running,” said McAuliffe Spokesperson Christina Freundlich. “Glenn needs to buck up and face Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia Bar Association debate so they can hear him once again give praise to Donald Trump right from his own mouth.”

The new ad from Youngkin is below:

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One thought on “Youngkin ties McAuliffe to Trump in new ad”
  1. We need Youngkin to drop out and get Amanda Chase in there. Trump endorses Youngkin, only for Youngkin to turn around and bite the hand that fed him. Amanda Chase has always been pro-Trump and always will be. I’m writing Chase in. She’s the only conservative in this race, and the only one who can actually win.

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