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In a Facebook post on Sunday afternoon, Senator Amanda Chase posted the personal contact information for a reporter from The Daily Beast. Chase, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination to run for governor next year, did not like the latest article highlighting her actions. “Liberal minded reporters who slander conservatives in the name of ‘journalism’ are erroneous and irresponsible, and I will expose them,” wrote Chase on Facebook. “Any liberal media and socialistic bent reporter, spewing their personal opinion as “journalism” will be called out here on my page.”

In the article published by The Daily Beast, Kelly Weill wrote about some of Chase’s actions over the years; that includes her ties to white supremacists and the men who were arrested with weapons outside of the facility where votes were being counted in Philadelphia, her personal policy of not wearing a mask, and her refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Weillquestioned Chase on these matters and the senator did not deny any of it in her on-the-record comments.

Chase was not pleased with the article. 

“Friends, the liberal agenda is alive and well and if gone unchecked will continue to strip your Freedoms and Rights as Americans,” wrote Chase, before including the reporter’s full name including her phone number and email address on her public Facebook page where she has over 100,000 followers.  

The responses to the post were overwhelmingly opposing Senator Chase. However, there were several comments encouraging the reveal of a journalist’s information, with some including troubling insinuations. 

“It starts with opinions…its cute…” wrote Timothy Soto. “But when the gloves come off she will be hiding far away from any front line action that her mouth causes.” 

“You fukn liberal pricks!!!!! Need to get off this page!!!!” wrote Brian Hunter. “All you fuk wads!!!! You all are the reason we need the 2nd amendment!!!! Find your lil punk ass liberal page to flap your communist lips!!!!!”

Reese Hays encouraged Chase to keep fighting peacefully if God allows it. “Fight the good Fight…. (Hopefully in Peace, with A PEN and VOTES, God willing).”

In addition, a Twitter account named @Flipflopsirvine replied to a tweet from Weill saying “something seriously wrong with you supporting terrorist organizations the way you do ffs.” The same account then replied to a Sam Stein tweet where he shared the article. The anonymous user simply said, “we are ready and coming,” with no context.  

Senator Chase and her campaign staff often tout the power of her Facebook following, pitching stories to reporters telling them that they will post it on her page to help publications receive more traffic. “I have a significant social media presence on Facebook. In fact, one of the largest of any legislator in Virginia,” Chase said in a recent interview with Virginia Scope. “I think I say what most Virginians are thinking but wish that their legislator would say.” 

The post revealing Weiss’ information was visible for over four hours on Sunday and received nearly 400 comments in total. Chase eventually deleted it around 7 p.m. and her campaign chose to not comment on the record for this article. 

Outgoing Virginia Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman, who has been pushing back against the conspiracy theories that Chase and her allies have been pushing spoke out on Sunday. “The GOP isn’t about doxxing and social media and telephone intimidation politics,” Congressman Riggleman said in a statement to Virginia Scope. “It’s chickenshit, emotional cowardice maneuvers from the grievance and —my ‘wittle’ feelings are hurt — wing of the Trump with heels party and crazy town emporium.”

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