by Brandon Jarvis

Officials in New Kent County have issued a warning about a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in the area. Numbers across the State are starting to rise as the daily temperature continues to drop and people gather indoors more frequently.

“There are many events starting to occur locally where maintaining social distancing is not occurring and/or people are not wearing facial coverings,” said New Kent officials in the press release. “We are starting to see a large increase in cases among sports teams, large family gatherings, and places of business.”

The overall number of cases in New Kent is still relatively low at 238, however the percent-positive rate has risen nearly 5% in the last week.

“We understand everyone is ready to get back to normal, and that not everyone will suffer the worst symptoms from COVID,” said New Kent officials. “But we need to do our best to keep the virus from spreading so we can get back to enjoying what makes New Kent a great place to live, work, and play!

Officials continue to encourage residents to take safety precautions moving forward – that includes socially distance, practice good personal hygiene, stay at home if you are sick, get tested if you have COVID symptoms, and self-isolate if you have been exposed.

It is important that everyone continue to take personal responsibility to protect themselves from COVID-19. The health and safety of county residents and employees remains our top priority, but we need each individual to play their part too. Please remember that an outbreak can occur anywhere, at any time.

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