5 thoughts on “The retail legalization of marijuana could be significantly impacted by November’s elections in Virginia

  1. Interesting that the argument the Democrats put forth – almost unanimously – is purely how much money the legalization would give the legislature to spend. That’s their focus – how can they raise money.
    Republicans look at morality. Well, *their* morality. And other issues, not financial.
    This is one issue where Democrats have Republican mantra (what doesn’t hurt others … freedom) for the wrong reason, and the Republicans tend to support the Democrat mantra (I know what’s best for you). Neither is right.
    Transparency – I support decriminalization; I have yet to be convinced on legalization, and would probably even support an “edibles, not smokables” policy.

  2. The starting date for legal consumption of marijuana was wisely moved to the present. The danger described in this article is probably the biggest reason why,the launching of sales should ALSO have been brought close to the present. – There is no argument, “moral,” or otherwise, against ending the monstrously destructive, fraudulently enacted marijuana prohibition. – Especially not in a country that not only accepts, but CELEBRATES more harmful alcohol – in wine festivals, Oktoberfests and craft beer brewing events.

    Every person who chooses near harmless marijuana over addictive, very harmful alcohol, improves their health significantly – as well as the lives of their family and community.

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