UVA defensive line adjusts following loss of Richard Burney

After missing the game the previous week, Virginia Cavaliers head coach Bronco Mendenhall cleared up the speculation when he announced that senior defensive end Richard Burney will be missing the remainder of the season due to an injury.

247 Sports provided coverage of the comments from the team’s head coach Bronco Mendenhall about the injury.

“Richard is done for the season with a health injury,” announced Mendenhall on Monday. “Our team has been saddened by that. He was elected to be the player that chose his jersey first, team captain, got an extra year of eligibility granted, has overcome so much adversity and an injury sustained or health-related injury really, after the Miami game is what led to this.

“So, again he won’t be with the team in an active way through the remainder of this season. He will be back with us, and hopefully on the sideline or just around, as soon as possible. So that was the announcement.”

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An unexpected bye week gives Wahoos rest and recovery

CBS19 provided coverage of comments from Mendenhall about the team and how they are taking advantage of the week off. (The UVA-Louisville game was postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak on the Louisville football team.

On Monday, Bronco Mendenhall said if nothing else, the week off was a good break from routine and bring freshness before the final stretch.

“It was nice to have a break, actually, even though we were expecting our bye weekend to be this weekend,” said UVA football coach Bronco Mendenhall. “A slight shift in our routine, a couple days off, a little bit of a break for our players. A chance for them to enjoy just watching college football and having a really nice weekend in Charlottesville. Just a moment to pause, reflect on the first part of the season and to prepare for the second part.”

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